XSLT syntax still sucks

This hasn’t changed since last time but it is being discussed again on the Cocoon users mailing list, so I collected some more links:

XSLScript looks much cooler than plain XSLT to write, but it doesn’t seem to be widely used.

Here’s a discussion among famous people about an abbreviated syntax for XSLT.

Linus has some opinions as well.

Antonio asks for more advice on
xsl-list. The replies roughly range from “ignore Linus” to “maybe people have been using the XML hammer for too many nails”, with an interesting sidetrack on “to swear or not to swear”.

Oleg Dulin adds a few thoughts on his weblog.

3 Responses to XSLT syntax still sucks

  1. Derek says:

    I read Linus’ thoughts; I am starting to realize that some people just don’t “get” XML… perhaps the same blind spot I have with the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy; as great as it is as a *film event*, I cannot enjoy it as I think it mostly missed the essence of the books. I know am in the minority on this.

    Anyway, the “technical reply” to Linus is on the same discussion thread referred to:

    I guess I too have been spoiled by years of markup.

  2. That time of year: why we all dislike XSLT!

    Bertrand picks up a thread on cocoon-users… Here is my 2c Anecdote: Some time ago I was being so utterly proud of a complex stylesheet (I seldom do this) I wrote. When presenting it to the local XSLT-guru I was…

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