Carsten Ziegeler on portals

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carsten-ziegeler-on-portals.jpgCarsten is making the news on this weblog these days! I'm sitting in his packed One Hour Portal session.

Memorable quotes:

  • All portal systems will provide 80% of what you need, it's the remaining 20% that you should be worrying about.
  • Cocoon is always the best solution (I think this one was tongue-in-cheek ;-)
  • In a recent poll done by Carten's company, they found out that their customers don't care much about portal standards - for them the important point is the integration of data and applications.

The Cocoon portal started in September 2000, so this is mature technology!

Carsten's session is a really good overview of Cocoon, you shouldn't miss it if he does it again somewhere else.

Update: Sylvain has a picture of the packed house. Seems like Ugo's session which was next was also packed, congratulations guys!