Cocoon stack traces

Cocoon’s recurrent hero Sylvain has added Cocoon Stack Traces to Cocoon error reports and logs.


The screenshot is from the samples/errorhandling/exception/generror page.

Having a Cocoon-level trace of the problem will be a big help in debugging and understanding things. Adding ExceptionActions here and there when studying how something works is the newest trick I guess ;-)

Thanks Sylvain, this is an important step towards making Cocoon more usable!

Thinking about it, and seeing other things that are in our collective pipeline, 2005 might well be the Year Cocoon Became Usable For Mere Mortals…

One Response to Cocoon stack traces

  1. Joe Dressner says:

    Is my brother-in-law, although he’s not actually married to my sister-in-law, involved with this site?

    He’s also French, he’s also a Bertrand and he’s also interested in cocoons. He has a site like this, but he can’t remember the address. We’ve spent about 30 minutes looking for the site, which has something to do with cocoons, using Google. No luck. This is the closest we have come to his site.

    So, does Bertrand Vilar have anything to do with this site or not?

    My thanks in advance,

    Joe Dressner

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