The Quote Of The Day is by an inspired (as usual) Gianugo:

Open Source is a German car, an Italian shoe or a mold of French cheese. In most cases Open Source can be the best solution, just as expected.

Although one must keep in mind that:

French cheese is usually a godsend, but sometimes it can be just some stinky rotten milk.

Very True (except I don’t really like cheese, but that’s another story).

One Response to QOTD

  1. Interesting! From now on I will give all my new projects the name of a french cheese. There are enough available names for all the projects I could possibly create in my entire life :-P

    Also, remember that many french cheeses really stink but taste so good! So don’t be fooled by the first impression an opensource product might give, as it could be a hidden gem. And Cocoon was in this case 7 years ago!

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