Look ma, I'm on TV

I'm in nouvo (in french) for a subject on open source. They talk about OsiriX, an open source medical images viewer, and asked me a few questions about the commercial aspects of open source.

I spoke about the 70% market share (see netcraft) of the Apache HTTP server to stress the fact that everybody who uses the web uses open source today, even though many still think that computers=windows.

Although I don't know much about medical imaginng, OsiriX looks like a really powerful piece of software. It's also running against fairly expensive commercial packages, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves and how the market reacts to it.

If you're in Switzerland you can catch the show on TV today at 1:10 PM on TSR1, or Monday evening on TSR2 at 10:55 PM. But of course the videos are available on the web at the above address.

Gotta call my mom to remind her of the show ;-)