Lucene: “too many open files” explained

Been bitten by this once again during my SOLR tests (after seeing it a few times in Cocoon), and found a good explanation by Yonik Seeley in SOLR-4.

The problem is mainly caused by Lucene creating many segment files, I had 335 in my index directory after adding 100’000 documents in several operations to the index, without optimizing it (and I was running on a plain vanilla linux account with a low ulimit -n).

But go read the above mentioned page for details if you need them.

How did I fix it in my case? I ran SOLR as root with a higher ulimit, sent an <optimize/> command to it, and restored the correct file owner before restarting with my normal user account. Then made the necessary changes to the SOLR and/or Linux config to avoid future problems.

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  1. You may also find this explained in one of my old Lucene articles on

    Increase your open file limit with ulimit, use compound index format, and consider a lower mergeFactor.

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