Day wins CH Open Source business Award 2008

The Golden KeyboardDay has won the CH Open Source Award 2008 in the business category. We got a Golden Keyboard!

I’m very happy that the jury recognized our important contributions to open source, even though some people would give us bad marks due to us selling our products.

See the site for the other awards – the choices in the Advocacy and Youth categories are particularly good in my opinon, rewarding people who use open source for humanitarian purposes, and youngsters who deserve to be encouraged.

On the picture: Michael Marth, Day’s Technology Evangelist, Christian Stocker from the awards jury, and yours truly.

Too bad iPhone pictures do not have a shot with my iPhone watermark, that looks so good in emails ;-)

2 Responses to Day wins CH Open Source business Award 2008

  1. Jacques Lema says:

    This is my comment and it has no real value.

    This comment was posted from my platinum keyboard with incrusted diamonds. Not bragging, this is the default signature that comes with the keyboard.

  2. Jeroen Reijn says:

    Congratulations Bertrand! Great work!

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