Got an email from Mandriva which looked suspiciously like the stuff Mandrake was sending before, and my suspicion was right: Mandriva is the new name for the-linux-distro-formerly-known-as-mandrake.

Looks like a conflict with Hearst Holdings over the Mandrake name played a big part in the name change, the press release has all the details.

Having helped select a few product and company names in the last few years, I know it is very hard today to find a good name that Google doesn’t know and for which domain names are available. But still, Mandrake sounded much better to me, especially for someone who read Mandrake the Magician in his youth ;-)

One Response to s/Mandrake/Mandriva

  1. leo says:

    It’s even harder to find a good company name when you have to finde a global company name. The company in which I did my apprenticeship (a former part of alcatel) have more than a year to find a new name which is not used somewhere on the world.

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