IKS project, months 4 to 6: a community is born!


For me the major IKS project event this quarter is without a doubt the Workshop in Salzburg at the end of May that I blogged about before.

Talk is cheap and implementation is another story - we now have to implement the ideas discussed there, in my case mostly the search engine and user stories. We've got started on those, but most of the work is still ahead of us.

We have also received the first benchmark requirements, where we'll have to evaluate our product's semantic search abilities, and create some prototype extensions that allow us to better cover this area.

With so many CMS luminaries at the Salzburg workshop, we have started to create an IKS community - at least when it comes to agreeing on what IKS should be, and that's great already. Now's the time to move to the next level and actually start creating useful software for and with this community.