The Cocoon Reality Show

It's all becoming crystal clear now. Of course! these guys are preparing the release of the first Open-Source reality show.

Read closely between the lines and the scenario is obvious: programmers wearing kimonos will be locked in a remote Belgian programming room with sufficient supply of fries and beer. Their mission (should they accept it) consists of rewriting Cocoon for dot net, to cause less friction when the project is later moved to its new home. The first one who has to reinstall his workstation (due to user error of course) gets fired.

I'll be tuning in to MTV around noon, for sure. This will be so much more fun than professional Open-Source support ;-)

Update #1: seems like the poor geeks will be allowed to spend some time in a nice garden every day. pictures are expected soon.

Update #2: forgot about the French wing of the production team. Sylvain sounds like he wants to give some training to the poor contestants beforehand.