SecureClient currently broken in Tiger

I was about to upgrade my powerbook to Tiger but luckily found some reports indicating that Checkpoint’s SecureClient (like most third-party VPN software it seems) does not work yet under Tiger.

Although I coulnd’t find official info on the checkpoint website, the above report indicates that they should have a fix within a few days or weeks. I’ll postpone my upgrade then.

this eweek article seems to indicate that Apple is working with VPN vendors to solve the issues, but I’ve been unable to find updated news from Checkpoint. I’ve written them to ask for info.

4 Responses to SecureClient currently broken in Tiger

  1. Jacques Lema says:

    I just happened to read this on forums today about the release of 10.4.1

    “My VPN to a gnatbox got so slow with Tiger as to be unusable, this update has it working again.

    Ping time before update 1000+mS
    Ping time after update 35mS”

    So I guess this is fixed now, I am updating :-)

  2. Jacques Lema says:

    Hum… actually reading some more posts I saw someone mention specifically this didn’t fix CheckPoint’s client. Maybe you’ll need an update from them then.

  3. justin says:

    I don’t really care who is to blame, Apple or Checkpoint, all I care about is how weak the release cycle is for vendors when they have had development kits well in advance of any OS release. Checkpoint demonstrates again that their product is a runner-up, as best, in the VPN space.

  4. Yes, I’ve given up on that one, my current setup to connect to old Checkpoint VPNs from macosx is to run the Windows Checkpoint client under Virtual PC, use this to connect to the VPN and run putty with tunneling ports, so that I can still ssh from macosx console sessions, via the tunnels running on Virtual PC.

    A bit involved, but it at least allows me to run my VPNed shells from the macosx terminal.

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