osgeo.org - the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Exploring the world of Open Source GIS, one cannot miss the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, which is in many ways similar to the Apache Software Foundation, but focuses on GIS-related projects.

Frank Warmerdam from OSGeo is currently talking about their foundation, and he just said their incubator is modeled of the ASF's because it seems to work very well.

It's good to see the ASF's model used as an example for other similar foundation - this is a great testimony to the vision of the people who created the ASF, and to those who go out of their way to keep it on the right track!

ongoing updates:

One interesting difference is their project sponsorship program (still being worked on IIUC), where people can give money to a specifiy project instead of the OSGeo foundation as a whole. Sounds like a useful way to get more targeted sponsoring, as long as the bases of the foundation are covered.

Frank also says they're going to hire an executive director, it'll be interesting to see how this compares to the ASF's way of working.