Aluminium beats Titanium

Hands down. I got my new Aluminium Powerbook (15 inch, 1.25GHz G4, 5400 rpm drive) and it's way faster than the "old" 1GHz TIbook. A real pleasure to work with, and the mechanical design is just great.

It's also much less noisier, the fan turns on very rarely compared to the Tibook, where it was almost always on when doing real work. The whole thing becomes warm, apparently the heat dissipation has been well designed. Ready for a dual G5 inside maybe?

I had to send it for repair though, as it arrived sick three weeks ago: the DVI output was garbled when plugged in to the wall wart. Required a motherboard and battery exchange by Apple, now everything looks good.

The idea is to sell the "old" one (14 months old) while it's still worth good money, we'll see how this works out.

I'll hopefully have more to say on ergonomics soon, this weekend I bought a Griffin Powermate "button" which looks like a nice way to reduce the strain on my poor fingers, combined with a pill mouse to avoid doing the same movements all the time.