Open Source Collaboration Tools – at OpenExpo, Bern, April 2nd

The program for OpenExpo 2009 Bern is just out, I’ll be giving my Open Source Collaboration Tools are Good For You! talk on April 2nd.

I’ve been giving this talk a few times in various places already, and it often leads to interesting conversations, we’ll see if that works in Switzerland as well! I must not forget to indicate that I can understand questions in German, as many people are more likely to ask questions in their native language.

3 Responses to Open Source Collaboration Tools – at OpenExpo, Bern, April 2nd

  1. Senaka says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    Indeed the session was very interesting. And, I have a small question.

    Distributed Web Based White Boards vs. Traditional White Boards in conference rooms – what works well in today’s context?


  2. bdelacretaz says:

    Thanks Senaka! I’d say distributed white boards could work well if you cannot meet in person, they might be the next best thing.

    However, I haven’t yet found one that is as efficient as a real whiteboard in terms of quick improvised drawings, high resolution for different drawing sizes, etc.

    I also like (real) flipcharts a lot as they allow you to tear off individual pages and stick them on your meeting room’s walls to have a shared high-resolution overview of what you’re talking about.

  3. Senaka says:

    Well, I agree with you. It would be great to have a good distributed web based white board; perhaps some interesting project at Apache (as questioned after the James Governor keynote); since it allows,

    1. Real time search (like Snap) based on content appearing on the white board.
    2. Ease of committing (to a svn repo).
    3. Ability to continue on topic on a later date with the same setup (I guess this is hard with a traditional white board).

    Regarding flipcharts I guess the traditional ones seem better.


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