is incredibly powerful

Why did I wait so long?

My account has already helped me find a lot of intersting stuff on the web (including a cool paper on sleep, like how to get enough sleep when you find so much interesting stuff on the web).

The thing is, you find so much stuff by looking at what else interests people who are interested in the same things than you. It’s the same in a classroom, where you benefit a lot from the questions asked by others. They have the same interests as you, but slightly different concerns which open up your horizon.

Sharing link tags (the and X other people annotations on enables just this.

Great tool, don’t wait to get yours!

One Response to is incredibly powerful

  1. renaud says:

    dear bertrand

    thanks for sharing, i bookmarked it under “great internet spirit”! And it even gets better: some nice folks made a firefox-extension ( with a nice sidebar to keep track of your social bookmarks.

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