What svn revision was this branch created in?

Let’s talk about non-controversial subjects for a change: how do I find out in which svn revision a branch was created?

The answer is svn log --stop-on-copy . which stops at the revision that created the branch.

Courtesy of Jukka, filed in the notes to self category.

3 Responses to What svn revision was this branch created in?

  1. shrinivasan says:

    svn log -v -r0:HEAD –stop-on-copy –limit 1

    is the command to get exact result.

  2. Will says:

    Could something similar be used with the diff command? I’m using it to list all files modified in a given branch:

    svn diff -r 5:HEAD –summarize …./mybranch

    Where 5 is the “revision this branch was created in”. Looking for a way to do this without knowing the branch revision number. I tried some of the revision keyword args but they often require a local copy, which I don’t have in this case.

  3. Jacques Le Roux says:

    Thanks Bertrand,

    Much useful

    PS: did not get shrinivasan’s solution to work using svn 1.7.1

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