It's the sharing, stupid!


According to Kevin Bedell's Tip of the Iceberg article, Microsoft is worried about companies adopting the noncommercial software model doing business ..without having to bear the full costs of research and development for the open source software.

Of course we're not bearing the full cost - we're sharing it. And it does make a lot of sense, as much as mathematicians, as Kevin indicates, share their basic algorithms and techniques.

If you're following Cocoon you might have noticed that the dev list has become much quieter than it was since a few months. My little finger tells me that it's because most of us are busy building great applications with it. For me this is very good news: although the pace of framework development slows down a bit, this means that it is working. We'll have a some nice success stories at the GT, stay tuned!

Have a look also at what's boiling in the ASF incubator. Although some stuff is very new, you can easily imagine what could come out of this in a few months or a year: even greater shared toolboxes.

I'm talking about Cocoon and the ASF because it's the "world" that I know best, but this sharing movement is of course not limited to this - there's much more out there.

It's the sharing, stupid!