9 months of Cocoon uptime, not bad hey?

cocoon nouvo

I've just finished upgrading nouvo.ch to a new version of the nouvoCMS software that runs it. There aren't that many visible changes, but quite a lot of small things have changed inside.

Stopping the Cocoon instance that had been running without interruption since November 2004 was a bit sad... Only half-kidding, it is great to see the level of stability and robustness that this wonderful piece of software allows one to achieve. There had been some changes in these nine months, but not to java code so we've been able to upgrade on the fly.

The total downtime since last year's launch of nouvo.ch has been less than five minutes, including a lot of minor updates and a few more important ones. I'm proud of the achievement, but more in the sense of knowing on the shoulders of which giants to stand than on a purely personal level.

Another project using the same code will be launched soon around here, you'll hear about it in due time.

We have talked about publishing the code for a while already, hopefully it will happen in the next few months, but it's good not to rush things without being ready to assume the corresponding workload. If you need a very simple and powerful CMS which knows a lot about multimedia files, drop me a line and we'll see what we can do. (Hmm...am I starting to sound like a marketroid already? ;-)