Free public wireless hotspots in Lausanne

I haven’t tested the service yet but congratulations to the City of Lausanne for this!

2 Responses to Free public wireless hotspots in Lausanne

  1. Nice news! I hope next time I visit Laussane the hotspot I will have access in my room. ;-)

    Sincerely, many thanks for the great attention you and your family provided me in Laussane. Was a very nice experience. :-D

    Best Regards,


  2. Alexander says:

    I was looking for a hotspot or something close to place Chauderon, thanks for your post.

    Can you give me a hint on getting the cheapest way for a speedy internet connection from home (place Chauderon) via TV cable or adsl or something? A company/web site I can look at?

    Merci a lot.

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