Tales of CVS, ant and bugzilla consulting


Yesterday I was consulting with a new customer about how to best use CVS and ant in their build and testing process.

It wasn't hard for me - there's little to invent for this if you're familiar with the Open-Source way of working, which applies extremely well to teams of all sizes.

The discussion quickly included bugzilla, and for the third time in the week I saw people quickly buying the concept of using a tracker for most or all tasks (and even design discussions) which relate to a project, not only bugs.

Last time it was film people who have to translate and subtitle a lot of small films, looks like we're going to put bugzilla to use for tracking this as well, with a small amount of glue to make it easier to define multiple dependent bugs.

I like the Open Source way, and in the last few months it's been amazing to see many people convinced of these simple yet very effective tools, and the value that they bring to a project team when combined.