More Cocoon templating: converting HTML templates to XSLT


I've been playing with this today: using XSLT to generate XSLT transforms based on simple HTML templates, to make it easier for people to create presentation pipelines for Cocoon.

The results are very positive. Can't wait to hear the reactions on cocoon-dev (or right here: polite comments *are* enabled).

I know many Cocooners have been doing stuff like this already, but I don't think we've ever put our collective minds around creating enough samples or documentation to make this a mainstream part of Cocoon - yet IMHO it deserves to be at least a well-documented sample.

I've put the (small) source code on the wiki to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute, we'll see if this mini-project gets a community...

Update: Christian Stocker updates his TAL-based version of a similar thing, stealing (as suggested;-) the declarative rules idea.