Looking for a new home

I’ll have to move my server soon, can anyone recommend a good virtual server or root server provider? I’ve been looking at greatnet and netclusive, and from their prices I might go for a hardware server.

They both offer good Debian root servers, but greatnet’s own web server seems reliably faster than netclusive, they might have better connectivity from here. Webhostlists.de‘s connectivity statistics confirm this.

One Response to Looking for a new home

  1. Reinhard Poetz says:

    I’ve registered at http://www.vserver.de. If you can read German (sorry, haven’t found an English version of the page) it is very interesting: Virtual Server with 2GB space, 50GB transfer volume, root access, linux box, … only for € 9,90 a month.

    My first experiences are very good – everything works well but I haven’t had the time yet to complete my installations and to make some further tests.


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