Sample this!


Joint work from several people (myself included - it's good to have some time available for once) has greatly improved the quality of the Cocoon 2.1 samples in the last few days. They look better, work better or are simply back from CVS oblivion...

I feel this is a an important step in making Cocoon more accessible - the quality of the samples is usually an important factor for me when starting to evaluate a new platform.

Good samples also help decrease the number of inquiries on the mailing lists. So, to all the numerous readers of this blog (two of you, isn't it?): please write good samples if you have created or discovered something new.

I'm starting to think that we won't need so much documentation after all if we have good samples and good reference docs.

Thanks David, Vadim, Stephan, Joerg! (and tell me if I forgot you!)