Is tagtagger about to change the Web 2.0 world?

Matthew wants to be part of the next Web 2.0 revolution with tagtagger.

Well, I never thought of that, but tagging your tags will definitely make a difference in our 21st century lives. It’s Web 2.0 squared actually, wow!

And the possible variations are endless: I’m sure tagtagger will have many friends soon, maybe blogblogger, bugbugger, docsdocccer…hypehyper, maybe ;-)

Recursion is always fun, maybe even more so in Web 2.0…

One Response to Is tagtagger about to change the Web 2.0 world?

  1. Matthew says:

    You think this is some kind of joke – don’t you. That’s a pity as it’s obvious you don’t understand how Web 2.0 and TagTagger will change the world and how cool TagTagger is. It must be, after all: Ajax, RoR, Tagging, Social Software. Need I say more? I thought so.

    CEO –

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