More PGP key fun: GPGMail

I’m testing GPGMail (from almost-neighbours sen:te) to sign and optionally encrypt messages with my newly created PGP key, using the standard macosx mail client.

A fine piece of software! Installation is a breeze, and the integration with Mail looks really good.

Update: as mentioned in the comments, the URL is now Thanks Alex!

3 Responses to More PGP key fun: GPGMail

  1. Ugo Cei says:

    After reading your previous post, I installed macgpg and GPGMail too. I’d like to use my Thawte Freemail certificate to sign messages, also. Do you know if it is possible to import it into GPG or otherwise use it from

  2. Yes, I think you can use Freemail certs, see

  3. Alex says:

    Hi there, you might want to update your above mentioned link since we’ve revamped the GPGMail project and started a new website:

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