Cocoon “jungle talk” gets attention

It was a pleasure yesterday to see about half of the (smaller than I expected) OSCOM audience turn up for my talk. Looks like the promise of a path through the jungle of Cocoon rings some bells..

After talking I was wondering if I had scared people too much with statements like “if you’re scared of a command line you’re in the wrong room” ;-)

But feedback has been positive. This image, in particular, was well received: Apache Cocoon is like the toolbox of a very rich man: lots of tools, lots of options, lots of power…but one can get lost. Giving an overview of a real-life application (I use my current pet project as an example) helps people find their way a lot.

If you missed the talk…see you at the GetTogether for release 1.1 of the same presentation!

I was looking forward to Ugo’s talk about Spring and I wasn’t disappointed: combining Spring (for business logic) with the Cocoon infrastructure looks like a very nice way of building applications, and Ugo explained very clearly how to do it. Got to test this one as well…

2 Responses to Cocoon “jungle talk” gets attention

  1. Sam Anderegg says:

    Thanks and merci, Bertrand, for your fascinating description of Cocoon in a nutshell. I much appreciated getting a first hand introduction by someone who’s an experienced teacher.

    Do you have any favorite text book(s) which you recommend to your students who want to further explore Cocoon?

  2. Arje Cahn says:

    Hi Bertrand, thanks for your nice company wednesday. I had a really great time. About your presentation: I was thinking you could spice things up by presenting the actual ‘Jungle’-metaphore in a more graphical way. You were you standing there in the conference room waving your hands like crazy acting as if you were the real Tarzan. I liked that, but I was missing an overview of different ‘dangers’ that were lurking around you in the CocoonJungle. So I thought: why not make a graphical map of the Cocoon jungle with the dark forrests of XSLT and the beautyfull Falls of Flowscript? “The Tarpits of Tansformations” :)

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