LOAFy Whitespace

Sylvain jumps on the LOAF bandwagon with a clever XSLT implementation. We told you there was a trend here.

Thinking about it, the best language to write a LOAF subsystem is without doubt our old friend Whitespace.

So, here you go, here’s my Whitespace implementation. I don’t see how there could be any interoperability problems, I wrote it while many of my brain cells were active and it is right.

5 Responses to LOAFy Whitespace

  1. Hehe, after opening the road to less traditional languages with my XSLT version, I was sure you would jump on the Whitespace implementation.

    Great job!

    Any volunteer for the brainfuck version?

  2. Moof says:

    Hmm, this actually looks like a blatant copy of Adam Sampson’s mlloaf (multilingual LOAF), which was posted on the LOAF implementations page (now moved to the LOAF wiki at http://postneo.com/postwiki/moin.cgi/KnownLoafImplementations ) last night. Are you sure you aren’t infringing his intellectual property rights?

  3. Don’t worry – the subtle differences in the algorithms used are not evident to untrained eyes, but any Whitespace specialist would be able to tell.

    But maybe we both took inspiration from the same textbooks…

  4. Ewan says:

    Untrained or not, a copy is still a copy. And Adam’s spent too much time fighting to have the legal rights to fork LOAF (don’t ask) to have another Whitespace come along and go la-de-dah-de-dah all over it. I’d watch out as well.

  5. Ok, ok. I’ll be talking to my lawyers. In fact they’re just installing a LOAF-based algorithm analysis system (forgot the name, Santa Barbara Operation LOAF algorithm analyzer of something) to handle such cases. I’m confident, my implementation is sufficiently different to come out clean!

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