Google Number

What’s your Google Number?

Let’s experiment a bit :

Grady Booch gets 27’000 .

Jesus Christ gets 3,820,000 .

the Beatles gets 1,300,000. So according to Google they’re indeed less popular than Jesus Christ.

Jerry Pournelle gets 27’300.

Bertrand Meyer gets 25,800 .

Linus Torvalds gets 627,000. Wow.

Pekka Himanen gets 6,990.

William Gibson gets 240’000.

Tim Berners-Lee gets 92,700. Well-deserved.

C-F Ramuz gets 3’560. Not bad for a Swiss french author who’s been dead since 1947.

Yours truly gets 4,210.

So there’s certainly a pattern here, but I wouldn’t go too far with this. This is statistics after all.

Via Gregor who says he gets 23,500, but when I run the query link on his page Google says 16,900. Statistics…

2 Responses to Google Number

  1. Edwin Hautus says:

    And Britney Spears gets 4,290,000…

  2. - says:

    And Microsoft gets 45,100,000, but Sun get’s even more 52,600,000.

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