Joined the LOTS team

opensource switzerland

Thanks to the LOTS team for inviting me aboard!

I have joined the organization team for next year's event as the international coordinator. Sounds serious, doesn't it?

Actually, my main job will be to motivate more people from this (french-speaking) side of the country to join the party. Not really international, but it's true that to some people the french, german and italian part of our country sometimes look like foreign countries, so we'll work on this!

There will be some international speakers as well, so I'll definitely have some international coordination to do, but I think the event must concentrate on Switzerland to be a success and bring people together here and now.

Finding a keynote speaker will be a challenge as the event will bring together many different Open-Source "tribes", with different views of the Open-Source world. Also, our budget probably won't allow us to fly a star from abroad at world-class keynote prices. Drop me a line if you'd be interested in speaking there and can cope with a limited budget (figures unknown yet).