But where's the lots.ch website?


As others have noticed, the lots.ch website now points to a company website, the archives of this historical event are not available anymore.

I've sent the following message to said company today, via their contact form which says they're going to get back to me within two days. We'll see what happens next...

Dear Sirs,

Trying to access old links that point to the website of the LOTS conference, I noticed that http://www.lots.ch/ now serves your company's pages.

I assume there was a technical problem or mistake somewhere - there are probably many people with links to the old lots.ch stuff, and seing your company's pages instead does not make sense.

Could you fix the problem and restore access to the lots.ch archives?

If hosting the archives is a problem, let me know, I'd be glad to provide some hosting space for a static copy of these archives. LOTS was an important event for Open Source in Switzerland, and I think the public deserves to have access to these pages.

Thanks for your understanding, best regards.

Update: The two days are well past now and I didn't get a reply to the above message, but thanks to former LOTSer Matthias Stuermer the pages are now available at http://lots.openexpo.ch. Thanks Matthias! He's also working to have lots.ch point to this archive.