On hippos and daysies...the Amsterdam plot slowly unfolds

opensource thoughts

Interesting thoughts and insights from Steven about how their (Cocoon-based) Daisy CMS is quietly becoming an important part of the CMS (notice I'm not saying open-source CMS) landscape.

He picks on Hippo for not (yet) being as open as Daisy, and I agree that being open from the start is better - or easier at least. I bet most software vendors, if they could go back, would open up 98% of their stuff.

Andrew replies from the front lines, confirming that opening up existing software is hard work. But apparently they're getting there!

Coming late to the party is much harder - and this explains why several people from the Cocoon and CMS space suddenly love Amsterdam in winter ;-)

About the encouragements: here are mine both hippos and daysies: keep up your great work guys, along with the friendly competition!

Of course friendly has a different tone and shape depending on your cultural background, and I don't feel any of you guys to be particularly soft-spoken ;-) But maybe the open source world is reinventing competition as well?

We live in exciting times...